Friday, November 04, 2005

An Educational Sick Day

What an educational sick day so far. I've been watching the National Geographical Channel for few hours while resting on the couch. Each hour was devoted to a specific species or region.

I learned some new things about zebras and observed lions' interesting bite positions while attacking a zebra. It seems that when a pride takes down a zebra, there are always 2 lions head-by-head guaranteed at the zebra's butt, biting and... *ahem* *shuddering* I hypothesize that it is due to the massive buttock muscles which, when taken down, helps weaken the rear legs, forcing the zebra to succumb to the ground. Sad. Did you also know that zebras don't walk in circle-like groups while travelling? They line up like schoolchildren and are arranged according to hierarchy, led by the dominant male. It was touching to learn that the dominant male maintains close affectionate relationships with all its sons. The sons can leave or stay with the group as long as they want to. If not the leader's son, the male zebra would otherwise be forced to leave and join another group. Different groups do respect each other. When groups meet, the leaders meet and nuzzle affectionately and playfully. Aww!

During another hour, I learned that when a baby elephant dies, the entire group, especially the mother, actually cries - not from their eyes but from something between the eyes and ears, creating wet trails down the sides of their heads. This is brought on by stress and emotions. Elephants cry!!!

Ok, end of my excited nerd ramblings. I'm off to either take a nap or watch one of my roommates' netflix rentals - either Bride & Prejudice or Best in Show.