Thursday, October 06, 2005

Worst Disaster to Hit the US

When will the rest of America wake up and realize that Bush is the worst disaster to strike the United States?

Bush nominates a woman to the Supreme Court who has no experience as a judge although she has experience as a lawyer, who is yet another one of Bush's endless "loyal friends," needs an extreme makeover especially instructions in how to properly apply eyeliner unless she has a visual problem causing her to think that the eyeliners are thinner than they appear (just like objects in your car side mirror are actually larger and closer than they appear), and seems like a quick shoo-in through the Congress since she's probably got nothing that the politicians can find enough mud to slug her with. With all due respect to her, I hope that if she is appointed to the Supreme Court, she's a pleasant surprise for Americans. I'd like to see more information about her employment history and track record as a lawyer. Yes, I know she was once the President of the Texas Bar Association or something like that. Whop-de-doo! Titles aside, how did she work? What were her ethics? Where does she stand on major issues?

Bush goes riding bikes with Lance Armstrong while ignoring Mama Cindy because he does not have the spine to face her. Instead, he biked away and put on that infamous face. What a wimp.

Bush exhibited that same facial expression during the Katrina disaster just like he did while reading books to children on 9/11 after receiving news of what just took place. That face is well known by now. Every time I see that face, I know that something bad has happened, and he's being a dimwit about it once again.

Bush doesn't know how to move beyond his comfort zone and team of "buddies" who have money or have been "loyal to him since his earlier Texan days." Perhaps Bush should have stayed in Texas since he seems to love Texas so much as evidenced by his frequent vacations, endless loyal Texan friends and chums, business ties, and so on. Need I say more? He doesn't have the guts to take on real changes for America outside of his britches and comfort zones. Perhaps he could learn one thing or two from watching "Commander In Chief." It should be easy enough for him to understand and learn something while watching. If not, he must be dumber than we already made him out to be.

I am counting the time left until he is out of the White House. I hope that we have decent presidential candidates this time around, minus the few dimwits from smaller parties who don't have real platforms and take away important votes from the candidate we really need in the office. That includes Al Sharpton. When is Al going to get it in his head that he has no chance in making it to the White House? Guess democracy is a two-sided sword. We have this privilege of having different parties and voting for who we want in government. Yet, when we have one too many, votes are more spread out to a point where a dimwit like Bush is unfortunately reelected to office.

Bush is such a pea-head with his pea-sized brain full of squashed peas. Pass the pea bowl, please!