Monday, October 10, 2005

Time Flies!

10 years ago.....

In 1st year of college and starting to work jobs to pay my way through college. Met and dated beautiful smart Yalie women. Met a girl I ended up staying with for 2 years. Did the AIDS Ride from Boston to NYC. Escaped on weekends for deaf medicine after a week of classes on a hearing college campus. Made the college softball team only to quit later on after adding yet another job to make ends meet. Cut my hair to a short buzz-cut style.

5 years ago.....

Left a public relations agency to return to working in the social services field. Worked at New York Society for the Deaf where many people in the field seem to have worked at one point or another during their career. Lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and didn't mind the "long" commute into the city. Felt right at home in the city and enjoyed meeting people. Started to become involved with Deaf Women United - Greater NY Chapter. Elected to the Board.

1 year ago....

A graduate student at a prestigious university, undergoing growth and numerous transitions - all for the best, still loving living in NYC without any questions or doubts, continued vision field loss, meeting a dear friend of mine who I've come to become sisters with, living as a Manhattanite, loving living here although I dream of someday living in a building with a laundry room IN the building, elevators, courtyard, and perhaps in closer proximity to a subway station .....


Slept in. Talked with friends. Went out to dinner. Played in the rain and got all wet. Had fun. Laughed a lot. Went to bed happy.

5 snacks I enjoy.....

Frozen grapes/fruits
Mozzarella string cheese
Cheese/cracker/fruit platter from Starbucks
Ice cold water with ice cubes dancing in the glass

5 songs i know all the words to.....

None that I can think of.... remember portions of...

Lean on Me
All I Ask of You (opera)
Step By Step
I Love You Bushels & Pecks (in Italian)

5 things I would do with a million dollars....

1 - Give half to my brother
2 - Pay off ALL school loans
3 - Go on a vacation overseas and go to beautiful beaches
4 - Invest
5 - Buy my own place in Manhattan - Upper West Side, Central Park West, or Midtown West then buy a place in Brooklyn if money has grown enough by then

5 things I'd never wear.....

1 - mini-skirts
2 - man's tuxedo
3 - Uggs boots
4 - tent dresses aka muumuu dresses (i think)
5 - bathing suits with skirts

5 bad habits.....

1 - Sleeping through my alarm clock
2 - Drinking coke
3 - Forgetting to return clothes to stores
4 - Forgetting to clean the hair out of the tub after showering
5 - Leaving stacks of school books in the living room while in middle of studies, writing papers, etc. (i'm fortunate to have supportive understanding roomies)

5 fav toys.....

1 - cat toys for my cat to happily play with
2- art supplies
3 - the dvd remote control (to figure out how the heck to watch a movie, not miss a chapter, etc)
4 - the laptop
5 - and more....