Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Odds & Ends

* Jessica Biel - named sexiest women alive by Esquire... I agree... I knew for a long time she was sexy. Age 23 now. So, it's ok to say she's sexy now.. finally there's someone different on the sexy scene.

* Best shows this season - Commander in Chief, America's Next Top Model, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, and few more I forgot to mention....

* Cut it out with the news on wehther or not Nick and jessica have split. Many couples forget to wear their rings or do not always wear their rings for various reasons. Imagine being married under the limelight. Give them space and back off!

* With all due respect to Alan Alda, please stop using him in nearly every single crossword puzzles in magazines such as People and In Touch. Before, Alf was common. Now, it's Alan Alda. Move on.

* Etheridge Used Marijuana During Cancer Fight. She's now cancer-free.

* Daniel Craig will be the "new '007." I frankly don't care. I'm glad it's not some big-screen name tho. I always like seeing new names and faces in leading/well-known movies.

* Norah Jones is hot!

* Grace singing during the Will & Grace show last week was hilarious. She was accused of being a snob. Then, to prove she wasn't a snob, she accepted a date with her friend's bf's coworker who lived in a place by the Staten Island Fishkill dump. He eventually dumped her.

* Old news that Mary-Kate Olsen left NYU. I am glad she is being true to herself and I wish her the best in life. She's taking an "approved LOA" to focus on her life and company business.

* Cut it out with news re. Tom and Katie. I'm tired of hearing about them.

* Tori Spelling's husband filed for divorce and is allegedly seeking spousal support. I am against that. What does he need spousal support for?

* Spike Lee went to New Orleans to make a documentary examining how race and politics collided in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Now, I'm interested in this.
Lee's documentary will be produced by Time Warner's HBO cable channel and is slated to be ready for the one-year anniversary of Katrina.

* Mayim Bialik gave birth to a baby boy. Learned that Mayim means water in Hebrew. Cool.

* Penelope Cruz is hot.

* Check out Sundance Channel's Transgeneration documentary series.