Wednesday, October 05, 2005

No Hurricane Ursula?

I talked with someone recently who is a hurricane afficiando. I asked him, since Tropical Storm Tammy was threatening Florida at that time, what the name for Hurricane/Storm U would be. I thought Hurricane Ursula would be appropriate. This country has taken more than its share of battering storms this season. And, the season isn't over yet. It is common knowledge that after the Hurricane names run out on the A-Z list that any further storm names will be according to the Greek alphabet. How many times do we get to see this during our lifetime during a season?

There are no Hurricane/Storm U's or Y's and Z's. They will skip U to Vince and Wilma before resorting to the Greek alphabet. Then, it's Greek time! We'll be learning our Greek ABC's.

*tune begins* Alpha Beta.......Z... and now I know my Greek ABC's. Won't you sing along with me the next time? *tune repeats as I bob my head*