Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Neighbor Singing Contest

Ooops. Originally spelled signing contest. Then, I realized... siNGing contest.

Anyways, been having a singing contest with my downstairs neighbor on and off over the past hour. See, he's the building drunk who "professionally trains" as a singer on his karaoke machine. He started at a low volume which I could feel with my fee sometimes after 5 PM. The volume gradually increased, and I was surprised to hear his voice. I'm tone deaf. With my hearing aid, I can hear some - like a severely hard of hearing person, I guess. If I hear the voice, it means he's super loud and already annoying fellow hearing neighbors who might already be yelling out expletives by that time.

Knowing Malcolm's, the building drunk, patterns and tendencies after living above him for 3 years, I knew that by the time I returned home late from class, he'd be at a louder volume. Sure enough, I was right.

So, out of the blue after stomping my feet few times (which NEVER works but gives me satisfaction knowing I tried something), I just belted out some nonsense words with no restrain. When I realized that the volume briefly went down a bit, I thought that perhaps this was a great spur-of-the-moment improv move on my part. When the volume went up again, I belted out again unrestrained. The volume went down again. When it went up again, I opened my lovely mouth and did every speech therapist and sensitive embarassed hearing parents' worst nightmare - I sang outloud with my fully and truly deaf voice - with my tongue wagging nonsensely in the mouth and my throat doing whatever as I breathed erratically, happily bellowing out whatever words or sounds that came out.

This was a fun singing contest with my downstairs neighbor, the building drunk. Our singings were like 2 different roller coasters racing, going up and down at different times and trying to outdo each other. Then, I intentionally (and I think) coherently (with the lifelong-years worth of speech training in mind) sang - "Now, will the building drunk please shut up and turn down the damn music because this deaf person can hear it! And, a deaf person is not supposed to hear your music and voice!" Well, something along these lines.

I emailed my roommates to inform them of this new option in dealing with the building drunk when he's too drunk to accurately judge his voice, let alone the music volume of his "professional" karaoke machine.