Saturday, October 01, 2005

Google Image Bandwagon

Jumped the "Google Image" bandwagon and did this for fun. It indeed was a lot of fun!


Age now - 29

Next age: 30

Hometown - NYC

Neighborhood - Hell's Kitchen/Midtown West

There are many slices of life in Hell's Kitchen for sure.

Last residence - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

One of the Avenues in the neighborhood.

A common sight I grew to love as a neighborhood signature.

Fave color - Aqua
(Couldn't decide which one to pick since both capture how that color makes me feel)

My Favorite Fruit - Peach

Favorite Nickname - Peach Girl
(given my my dear daddy and called this all my life)

My Favorite Veggie - Snow Pea

Came across this great recipe for "Snow Pea Canoes"

Favorite Salad - Caprese

First Name - Sarah

(A Hebrew name that means princess)

This beautiful oak wood Mezzuza case is enhanced with the Hebrew letter shin in silver and is adorned with sterling silver leaves and semi-precious gems.

I felt this was appropriate to include since I have come to learn and find proof that I have Jewish heritage.

Famous Person with Same Name - Sarah Jessica Parker

Middle Name - Marie

Reminded me of the "Ave Maria" song.... thanks to my Italian relatives who attend Catholic masses.

Found this hilarious, so had to include it....

Came across so many pictures of nuns named Marie. What % of nuns are named Marie? I sure wonder!

First & Middle Name

Too cute that I had to include it!

My Fave Pet - Cat
(I admit I love dogs just as equally as cats.)

Reminded me of my first cat, Joy. She was alive when my mom became pregnant with me, and she was there when my mom went into labor with me and stayed with mom until Dad came home to take her to the hospital.

My Current Pet's Name - Emma

My Hobbies


Taking Pictures (until I finally get a digital camera, I frequently use disposable cameras with which I actually do get some great pictures sometimes. I always see opportunities that would make great photo shots)

Watching Movies - Especially Indies, Foreign, Comedy, etc

Exploring, Observing, & Learning About Sealife (used to want to be a marine biologist until I realized I did not want to do certain scientific stuff that the job required and that I wanted to work with people)


Why? This is how seeing and exploring new beaches make me feel - especially when I can observe sealife and enjoy water beauties.

Fave vacation spots - Hawaii & South Beach


South Beach (an actual picture from South Beach)