Saturday, October 22, 2005

God's A Photographer!


God's a photographer!

I was sitting on the couch chatting with two friends online. I saw a flash in the room.


*looked to window then to hearing roommate on the other couch*

*she nodded*

"You serious? Thunder?"

"Yes. It's been going on."

*paging friend who's in car - to get confirmation*

"Yes. I thought someone was taking a picture."

"You serious - thundering outside?"

"Yes. It's thundering and raining"

"Wow. Thundering, and it's October 22!"

*asked roommate for date confirmation*

"God's taking pictures"

*windows fill with strong bright white flash*

God sure is taking many pictures tonight, not too far from here.

NOTE: A friend online was silly to suggest that there was an explosion. I told him, " Yea, right. My hearing roommate is here. She must be deaf for not hearing it. Wow, it busted her eardrums." I told my roommate what he said. She said, "Yes, a visual light bomb when it hits the ground. Now, that's logical."