Sunday, October 02, 2005

First Household Call

Just woke up to receive the household's first phone call in 3 years. See, we've never had a real phone in this place since it's a deaf household. Sorenson changed everything.

I was in the middle of dreaming about travels to Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding islands. I was on the phone numerous times with my father, aunt and uncle, etc throughout the dream making travel arrangements. At one point during my travels, a friend flew out so we could explore several small islands with clear blue water, vibrant sea life, and natives in their natural surroundings not interfered by the government. Then, I got out of the water to chat with my aunt and uncle and make new travel plans for the next leg of my journey. During this phone call in my dream, my roommate Kate came in to wake me up and inform me that a friend was on the phone. I had my eyes half open, nodded and closed my eyes again.

See, I thought it was surreal that someone was calling me in real life so I just nodded. Thought it was a spoof during my dream cuz I was already in the middle of a phone conversation at that moment in my dream... with a slight odd departure to Kate telling me that someone called me and is waiting for me on the phone. I continued to chat with my aunt and uncle on the dream phone.

Kate entered again. This time, she tapped me harder and kinda sign-screamed that my friend really was on the phone. I said - what phone? Remember, we've never had a phone in this household over the past 3 years. So, this was out of ordinary.

Me - what phone?

She sign-screamed - your friend is on the phone - Sorenson!!!

I said - sorenson? how?

Kate - Doesn't matter. Get up! She's waiting for you now! Phone to talk with you now!

Me - Uhh... ok...(dream's still lingering in my head, and i'm still sleepy with my eyes temporarily open) soon me get up.

Kate - No - NOW. Real phone call. She on phone now waiting. U must come and talk with her.

Me - ok ok ok please close the door. thanks. (puzzled sleepy look)

Me thinking - mmm? sorenson? phone? how? (closed eyes... half dreaming.. told aunt and uncle I'd call back and I had to go now and answer the other phone. hung up)... woke up again... Kate would kill me if she found me still in bed dozing off. She doesn't just make this up, and this has to be real somehow. let's go check it out. Put on something decent cuz it's sorenson.

Out of room. Plunked down on couch. Yup, an interpreter on the screen. Me half asleep said hi. Friend was in energetic mood and said hi hi hi! Me nodded. Hi.

Checked train sked. Called her back. Finalized plans for this afternoon.

My roommates and I just discussed our first household phone call. Bec was thrown off. She told Kate - the phone is ringing! She thought it was her own cellphone but was puzzled. Oh, the tv is ringing! Sorenson! Kate - uh ok ok ok .... click remote control. Ah, phone call. I've received the first official household phone call.

Now I'm off to shower and get ready to head for the train station. Will have pedicures with my friend and just spend time together. It'll be fun.