Sunday, October 30, 2005

Delighted to Share.....

The engagement of Lauren & Doug!

They became engaged on August 20, 2005. What a great day! :) I was SO delighted and happy. I knew it was a matter of time before they got engaged. We were roommates when they began dating and beautifully evolved into a loving couple with fireworks. The fireworks show started in 2002. And, the firework show is nowhere near from being over! There is no end in sight. They moved in together over the past year. The magic and spark was there right from the start. In other words, they always clickety-clicked. And, I'm so happy for them!

Here is Lauren's email announcing the great news! I squealed in delight when I read it!

Hi Sarah-

I came back from Nassau last Friday, and as usual, Doug and I headed to the Hamptons but it was a most unusual day at the beach. While digging sand to make a sand castle (doug's idea), I unearthed a ring inside a little red plastic container. I was stunned, floored, flummoxed. So shocked he had to ask me "will you marry me?" three times before I finally understood what was going on, and happily (and so...uncoolly) said YES! I cried and laughed and sweated all at the samme time. I even got up and shimmied! What a messy yes that was!! I'm no longer on cloud 9-im now visiting cloud 10, 18, and 102. I'm blown away. Sure, we had talked about marriage but Doug always made it sound like it was something we'd do in 2, 3 years. This is alll surreal. We're shy and giddy all over again (yeah, I know, ew, gross, barf). :) :D anyway-this changes things a bit. This weekend his family and we are scouting out locations.


Here is the official story:

A Ponquogue Beach Story

Doug asked Lauren if she wanted to talk. Lying on a blanket on the quiet beach, Lauren closed her magazine and sat up. Sure, she said.

Doug asked Lauren if she wanted to build a sand castle. He knew that she harbored a secret hopeā€”that the sand hid treasures and new worlds. It was no surprise when Lauren happily began digging. Before long, she uncovered a bright shiny red container. Turning the container over, she saw a ring inside. Someone hid this, she said.

Doug asked Lauren if she would marry him. What? She said.

Doug asked Lauren if she would marry him. Are you serious? She said.

Doug asked Lauren if she would marry him, for the third time.

Yes! She said.

We are engaged! :)