Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Dear Sabine

Dearest Sabine,

I wonder what you're dreaming about in this picture. I'm pretty sure that you'll wake up in about 1 1/2 hours to say hi to Mommy and have breakfast.

I really enjoyed visiting on Sunday. You're beautiful as always. The green dress looked great on you and complemented your features. And, the bed jammies your Grandma gave you looked great on you too. Many clothes look good on you. You wear them well!

I delighted in seeing you crawling and knocking down the blocks. You have such a magnificent giggle while playing with the stuffed dog as it barks and jumps around (animated by your mother). You indeed are full of life!

It was fun to feed you a bottle before bed and spend some quality time together. More of your personality is emerging, and it's awesome to see you grow in the littlest yet biggest ways.

CQ also enjoyed meeting you. She said you were (and still are) a beautiful baby and a delight to spend time with. She said you had such a good aura that anyone would want to be near you.

I hope to visit you again soon and spend more time with you and your parents. We'll play more the next time and get to giggle some more. And, I'll chat with your parents more. The next visit will be more fun.

Please let your parents know that I said hello and send my love to you and the family.

Auntie Sarah