Saturday, September 24, 2005

Officially Disabled

Yippee! I'm officially disabled in the eye of NYC.

Just received my replacement reduced-fare metrocard in the mail. They never sent me the replacement after I made few calls over the past year with my new address. I already called them with my new address 3 years ago - before I moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Now, they have my new address on file "officially." I will still send a letter in writing anyway to be on the safe side and also thank them for sending the replacement so promptly after the most recent call.

I'm also thrilled that it has my older picture - with my thinner face on it with a nice smile. The picture was taken over 6 years ago around the time I moved to NYC.

And, I'm glad to be a disabled rider once again in the MTA system and save money big time. No more staring or yelling by the bus driver when I board the bus and forget I have to pay full fare instead of half fare only to have someone inform me to go back to the front of the bus to pay the remaining fare. No more bumping hard and bruising my waist while trying to go through the non-moving turnstile only to realize there isn't enough fare and ending up holding up friends while I refill my card. No more!