Thursday, September 01, 2005

NAD Monitoring New Orleans Devastation

Silver Spring, MD - The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) will monitor the effects of Hurricane Katrina on New Orleans and the surrounding areas and the possible impact on holding the 48th Biennial NAD Conference there. A Marriott representative recently informed the NAD that there was no structural damage to the New Orleans Marriott Hotel where the 2006 NAD Conference will be held.

Andy Lange, NAD President said, "Communication with the city is difficult and the city’s attention is focused now on health, safety and disaster relief. The NAD is exploring its options. As soon as a full assessment of the city’s infrastructure is made, we will provide an update. As of now, the 48th Biennial NAD Conference will be held in New Orleans."

"Please let us all now focus on those who have been affected—New Orleans and the surrounding areas in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida who were hit hard by Katrina. The devastation of New Orleans, a vibrant, exciting, and wonderful city is heart-wrenching," Lange added.

"The NAD has been asked by some what we are doing for deaf people in the areas hit by Hurricane Katrina. At this time it is best to leave rescue efforts to the professionals. Once the lines of communication are re-established, the NAD will be in touch with State Association presidents in the affected areas to assess their needs. NAD members are urged to monitor communication issues encountered during this difficult time, so that we can better educate emergency personnel on the importance of getting visual information out to the public," he continued.

Additional updates will be available online at:

How you can help:

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Mercy Corps

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