Monday, September 19, 2005

Miscellaneous Thoughts

A hurricane has come through my bedroom frequently over the past few weeks. As soon as it's cleaned up and everything's put away, another hurricane comes through. Hurricane Sarah sure pays regular visits. It's been a Category 5 since I began Fall semester classes and internship.

My parents are going to Ukraine again from September 28 - October 15. It'll be my father's 7th time while it'll be my mother's 5th time (I think).

Ever notice that the Bush family has a trademark facial feature? It's the pursed lip look. President Bush had the exact same pursed lips look on 9/11 just like Jeb Bush's son had in his mug shot after being arrested for public intoxication and resisting arrest. The Bush family definitely has substance abuse issues running throughout the generations. I wish them the best.

Some people move around so frequently in NYC that I call them Cockroach Movers. They fly from one apartment to the next apartment. They move all the time just like cockroaches and rats that sometimes I lose track of where few people currently live. All I have to do is wait until the next party or social gathering to find out the latest residence for certain people.

I'm still thinking about Jade's successful party at Hotel Ganesevoort which took place last weekend. Wow. Few new pictures were added recently. More will continue to be added to the photo album. To view pictures, go to:

To check out Jade's awesome brand new website look, go to