Friday, September 23, 2005

A Message From Jade

Hello Everyone!

First off, I want to thank those of you who came to my party on September 10th to celebrate my 40th Birthday Bash. This party was not only a birthday celebration. It was a time of rebirth as well as image and business rebranding. Many of you who came to the party were loyal supporters for many years when I first started out 15 years ago. Those of you who are now continual supporters, thank you for being a part of my film career journey. This is just the biginning of my PRIME... TBC...

If you have not yet check out my new website, now's the time!

Here's a list of people I'd like to thank, please acknowledge them!

* My long time companion & supporter, Linda Mosca-Ginis for picking out the right outfit for the party. I love you gurl!

* Jenuma for the ride and keeping me sane. LOL.

* Bianca, Maleni, Linda, Vicki and Michelle for helping with food and preparation and making sure my people were well fed. Maleni Chaitoo came with me to check out the hotel a week before and took my party pictures in the first link. Thanks, sweetie!

* Zach, Jason, Andrew and Darren for bartending and making sure my people enjoyed themselves. Haha.

* My lovely brother for food shopping, the lovely carrot cake and sharing the expenses.

Friends who flew/drove from out of town: Michelle Banks, Ellen Roth, Barb Gurga, Bonnie Kaplan, Stephanie Clark, Sharon Levine, Jenuma, business associate & partner Tim Trotto, and my 9/11 documentary editor, Adrean Mangiardi. Thank you for coming.

Last but not least, my publicist and friend, Sarah Pack for her enormous heart and charity for helping me plan this party and for promoting it. Guys, she rock!!!! She made sure everything was in control. She's the behind-the-scene lady and not to be messed with. LOL. She got style, too. Ya heard!?

I had a wonderful time with each and everyone of you. It was a night to be remembered. I will ALWAYS cherish it. Those of you who donated monetary gift, would you be so kind to email me your snail mail address to I'd sincerely appreciate it very much. Thank you again for coming. I hope to God I didn't forget to thank anyone else. Thank you a million times. Oh yeah, thanks Vicki, Melissa, Andy, Jaime, Ellen, Maleni and James for their pictures. I love them all!!!

For those of you who were missing, I'm truly sorry but you missed a helluva party!!!

Anyway, I have attached three links for you to enjoy my online photo album from our recent get together, CINEMATIC LIMELIGHT OF JADE. Please enjoy them!

The first link is: Cinematic Limelight of Jade

The second one is called: A Night of the Intimates

And finally, A Night of Suga' n' Spices


Queen Jade