Sunday, September 04, 2005

From DeafDigest Blue Edition, 9/4/05

News of the Week:

Hurricane Katrina has impacted all of us badly. And Louisiana School for the Deaf, in Baton Rouge, is rising to the occasion by opening its doors.

The school is housing students, teachers and interpreters that have lost their homes and have no place to stay. This group also includes mainstreamed students from New Orleans.

These people need clothes, toiletries, linen, school supplies and other items, these provisions not originally built into the school budget.

You can do your part to help our friends in need that are staying at the school - make out your checks, payable to "Louisiana School for the Deaf" and write on the bottom of the checks "Hurricane Relief."

Superintendent Bill Prickett will be setting up a special account at the local bank to handle these checks.

The address is:

Hurricane Relief
c/o Bill Prickett
Louisiana School for the Deaf
2888 Brightside Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70820

Thank you very much. DeafDigest's heart is with our impacted friends in Louisiana.


What are the conditions at Mississippi School for the Deaf "up the road" at Jackson?

Efforts were made to reach the school but power and phone lines are still down. The school may possibly have needs, but information is not certain.