Saturday, September 03, 2005


After few days of reading and following the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, I had to limit how much and frequently I read. I was angry, sad, and helpless re. how efforts were barely progressing.

Tonight, I was glad to finally read some information that indicated progress and a step up in efforts. I want to read about the NO Astrodome and convention center being completely and successfully evacuated and no more deaths as a result of lack of food, water, or medicine.

* Drones to help rescuers (ummanned remote-controlled planes that can detect body thermal heat)

* Support from other countries

* Bush listened to Mayor Nagin

* Bush visited all 3 states to view storm damages

* Evacuations are picking up speed

* More national Guard troops continue to arrive

* Pictures of people receiving food/water as well as cargos of food, water, medicine, and supplies are beginning to show on the internet

* Two public hospitals in New Orleans have resumed evacuations (pah!)

* 250 hospitalized infants were evacuated today

* Additional hospitals are continuing to be evacuated and transported elsewhere (total of 40,000 already airlifted)

* New Orleans Louis Armstrong Intl Airport has become a medical triage center for patients being evacuated

* Military airlifts have continued without interuption

* Pictures of people being helped are emerging

* Houston came up with more space (Reliant Center) for evacuees after the Astrodome filled up

* Politicians in DC voted and passed a $10.5 billion aid package last night which was signed by President Bush

* American Red Cross counted 94,000+ evacuees in 300 shelters in 8 surrounding states

* An estimated 154,000+ refugees are in Texas. More cities are taking in more people as they arrive.

* FedEx flew in Red Cross 90,000 pounds of supplies from Newark, NJ to Houson, TX

* Massive federal, military, and commercial airlifts are planned during the coming days

* Mobile morgues finally are being sent to disaster areas

* Passenger carriers are volunteering their services

* By midday Friday, US Coast Guard rescued more than 5,500 people by helicopters and more than 1,600 by boats

* Plans are being made for moving 7000+ people from the Interstate 10 overpass

* Football fans in the Southeast are giving up and donating their prepaid rooms and tickets to storm victims

* Parents/evacuees are beginning to get news about their newborn babies being safe and in good health.