Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dinner That We Never Ate

Two friends and I went out to a restaurant and had a dinner that we never ate.

Caught your attention and went huh?

What happened was we placed our order upon seating. We chatted and went through two bowls of breads, some kind of spicy dip, wine, and drinks. As time went by, we watched other tables being served and slowly watched restaurant patrons leave the place. Before we knew it, the place was empty with the exception of us and the restaurant workers.

While sipping my glass of water, I saw the waitress slide the bill with candies onto our table. I broke out into laughters. Everyone else at the table laughed so hard. We received a bill for a dinner that we never ate!

The workers were puzzled and came over at our gesture. We indicated that we were billed for food we never were served. They felt so bad. We cancelled our order. They apologized profusely and did not charge us for our drinks. I decided to tip them anyway for good service (for drinks and taking order) as well as their sincere concern about us never being fed. We left the restaurant laughing hysterically and walked down the street to a local diner, still laughing. We sat at our new restaurant booth laughing. The waiter smiled as we laughingly placed our order. This time, we were served dinner.