Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Note: Pictures from the event will be posted soon. If you have any, please send them to me and Jade. Thanks!

Contact: Sarah Pack, Public Relations
J A D E Films, Pending L.L.C.
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SEPTEMBER 10, 2005 (NEW YORK, NEW YORK) - Jade Films, a leading deaf independent filmmaking company, announced today the Cinematic Limelight of Jade, a celebration of Jade's 15 years as an independent filmmaker at Hotel Gansevoort’s rooftop penthouse. Jade Films will unveil its new website and celebrate Jade's 40th birthday after a successful year. This event will be a time of rebirth for Jade Films and a new chapter in the road to reaching zenith.

Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan, the acclaimed founder and independent filmmaker of Jade Films and DeafVision Filmworks stated, "“The visual of ‘OUR LIVES, OUR CULTURE’ is a motion picture we see everyday, depending on HOW you see them. If Hollywood won’t do it, who will? I've spent a great deal of my life producing independent films, writing screenplays and mentoring others. That is partly because the subject matter fascinates me and partly because that is the basis of the film industry. I know I have reached the zenith when I stop jumping over high hurdles to reach the top."

Jade is on her way to reaching zenith in the film industry. Over the past year, she's been invited to and accepted into a number of film festivals, had film premieres, and attended events including but not limited to:

* Pan African Film Festival (California)
* Deaf Filmmakers Panel (California)
* PAFF Night of Tribute (California)
* Reel Sisters Film Festival (NYC)
* Frameline San Francisco Film Festival (California)
* DCTV Collaboration Project (NYC)
* Tampa International Deaf Film Festival (Florida)
* National Black Deaf Advocates Conference (Florida)
* South Street Seaport Deaf Fest (NYC)
* NYU Entrepreneurship Conference (NYC)
*MASD/MASS/RID Conference (Boston)

During Summer 2005, the Director Guild of America (DGA) invited Jade to join their prestigious union membership, a notable recognition in the Hollywood and Independent film industry. To date, Jade is the only known African-American female (Deaf) filmmaker in the United States and worldwide with honors and awards. DGA provides East and West coast union membership supports to independent directors in their efforts to get their films made, distributed and exhibited.

About Jade Films

JADE FILMS is a full-service independent film production company where the passion of words is turned into action. JADE FILMS is engaged in the development and production of multi-media technology, video, broadcasting, television and film. Led by Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan and her management team of 10 professionals, Jade Films aims to raise consciousness about African Americans and Latinos who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Jade Films is a New York City-based company that seeks to be an established leader for others to follow in an equal employment production workplace. Jade Films is a project supported by DeafVision Filmworks, a 501 ( c ) (3 ) tax-exempted non-profit organization.

About DeafVision Filmworks

DeafVision Filmworks is a New York-based non-profit corporation founded in 1991 by Ann Marie "Jade" Bryan. DeafVision Filmworks aims to educate the general public about the cultural experiences, heritages, and collective sense of pride as experienced by the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population. Education is accomplished through productions of documentaries, commercials, educational videos, films and multimedia projects. DeafVision Filmworks also builds alliances and co-productions with American and International filmmaker colleagues, film companies, agencies and networks.