Monday, September 05, 2005

Buying Stocks in Puffs Plus

I think I'll be buying stocks in Puffs Plus' company. Over the past week, my eyes and nose have once again become runny with allergy symtoms reemerging. I always forget that I have allergies. So, I'm walking around puzzled why the heck my eyes are runny, why my nose's running and backing up every morning to the point where I do my morning major honk-out during the routine morning trip to the bathroom as soon as I get up, and more.

While checking for the upcoming weekend forecast, I looked up at the screen and noticed that there was a "HIGH ALERT" for "THE POLLEN COUNT FOR YOUR AREA IS VERY HIGH. [CLICK FOR DETAILS" *click* A mini box opened to state that weeds (them annoying weeds, not the drugs, mind you) were at extremely high levels. An *aha moment* as them social workers love to call them took place. My eyes turned as if to think. Mmmm. *click* on past week/month's allergy pollen count. A beautiful consistent column of blazing red "HIGH" boxes appeared before me. *mmmmm* *definitely an AHA!!! moment*

*groan* Bad allergies are in town! Allergy meds time. Good thing I bought a new supersized bottle on sale last month. Also, time to stock up on my beloved Puffs Plus boxes and consider buying stocks in its company.

NOTE: This summer has been one of the worst allergy seasons, according to my doctor and numerous articles. I have "mild allergies." Well, this season, my allergies became "significant." Bless my poor roommate who takes stronger meds for allergies and has them more seriously than me. She should have a larger share in the tissue company and consider buying stocks in her medicine's company as well. Bless her heart (and nose and eyes and more).