Sunday, September 11, 2005

Blessings of Womanhood

Over the past week, it seemed that many of us fellow women have been appreciating a blessing of womanhood: our period.

Some were fine with no PMS or cramps. The story was different for few fellow acquaintances. One day, an acquaintance immed me saying she was nauseous and cramping badly. I offered to take out her uterus and throw it from the top of my roof to be run over by speeding cars below.... or to throw it at the building drunk's door whenever he sings badly while "professionally training" with his karaoke machine.

A friend emailed me asking if men could be blessed with uteruses in their balls so they could sympathize with women more... or have it in the same area as us so they could see how much fun it was to live with cramps during at least the first day.

In the meantime, there are tylenols, advils, back rubs, hot soups, heating pads, curling up under thick comforters, thoughts of looking forward to menopause, supportive friends and good old humor to get through these lovely cramps we've been blessed with.