Monday, August 01, 2005

Vibrating Seats at the Havana Central

One Friday night, a friend and I had the pleasure of visiting Havana Central, a Cuban restaurant at 22 East 17th Street between University Place and 5th Avenue.

She had the soup of the day (creamy chicken corn something) while I checked out the Havana Zesty Corn on the Cob with cheese and Cuban spices. Later, we shared the Vegetarian Sampler - white rice, black beans, sweet plantains, mango-pineapple slaw & fire-roasted vegetables.

While feasting, we discovered that Havana Central had vibrating seats. It all started when my friend's eyes became bug-eyed and huge. She momentarily froze. I thought that something was up, and I was puzzled why she made that face and froze. As she froze, she stated, "Someone farted, and I know who farted. I could feel where it was coming from." See, she was sitting on one of those long cushioned bench-like seating as I sat on the other side of the table in a singular chair.

As she later worded it, "Someone farted and I felt my butties being vibrated, shaking. Later, I looked and saw that it was someone using pager vibrator." I asked her which side. Her eyes shifted right quickly to the adjacent table where two CUTE lesbians were eating. My eyes shifter left quickly as I followed her quick glance referral like the eyes of an Owl clock going left and right quickly.

Friend informed me that the woman's pager was SO strong and felt like a series of ascending farts. Wow. So there is a pager out there that has stronger vibrations than the ones us deafies use.

Nonetheless, my friend enjoyed the vibrating seat at the Havana Central as we dined.