Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Unique Touch Art: Labor Day Sale until September 7, 2005

Dear Readers:

Like the picture above? I sure do! The "Downtown Hands" is one of my favorites. It reminds me of few things - a community of deaf hands raising together, a community of deafblind hands coming together, and also hands reaching up to help, unite, and heal after 9/11.

I support artists who are starting up and maintaining their businesses. It's not easy to keep one up and financially viable. I do not want to see VR take away Barry's grant money while Barry is still getting his business off the ground. It takes a while, at least few years, for artists' businesses to take off and become financially stable.

See, VR gave Barry, the artist, a grant to help him run his home-based art business for a year. This fund helped him tremendously with expanding his business, and earning revenues increased significantly. According to Barry, VR is considering taking back the grant or ending the grant earlier than initially agreed. Barry needs to earn $700 during the month of August 2005 in order to convince VR services to continue the grant until the end of the year (December 2005).

Today is August 24, 2005. He has until August 31, 2005 to prove to VR that he can bring in an extra $700 of revenues.

Let's support Barry, check out his website and artwork, and order what you're interested in. Besides, there is a great Labor Day Sale you can take advantage of! Grab it while it lasts!

I personally love his Downtown Hands artpieces and the stationary cards with several different artworks of his on them. What great cards to send to friends.


Unique Touch Art is having a Labor Day Sale until September 7, 2005!

Artist: Barry

Unique Touch Art is my art studio designed to give you unique artwork that encourages you to appreciate art in different forms. The artwork is made by using mixed media and celebrates diversity. I would like my artwork to make an impression on you -- let it touch your heart!

Please look around my website and if there's anything that interests you, contact me by email or at the address shown below.

Some of the artwork in the Gallery is currently available in my studio. Other artwork you see may already be sold, but if you find something that you are interested in, I can make a similar one ... just for you.

I also do artwork on commission for customers. If you find any pieces in the Gallery where you like the design, but would prefer different colors or a different size, for example, I'm happy to make another one for you according to your preferences.
I also show my work at art exhibits. I hope you can visit my exhibit if you're in the area during one of the shows. Please see my Art Exhibits page for past and future shows.

If you are looking for exhibitors for your fair, festival or event, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy looking at the artwork in my Gallery!

Also for sale is my DeafBlind Culture videotape, which I produced, directed and acted in.

(Courtesty of website)