Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Sun!

Ahhh, just came down from the roof after reading "In Touch" magazine in the sun. Sunbaking at 3-4 PM is safer than earlier in the day. My feet are a little tan, and so are my arms. I haven't taken a look at my face in the mirror yet. Will do so soon when I go to shower. Gotta shower and clean up before two people arrive for their tutoring session.

It felt so good to be kissed by the sun and just enjoy the breeze. Yes, the sun was strong, yet it felt so good to be outside to appreciate the sun instead of indoors reading for classes.

What a great way to start my first day of summer break (from school)! Plus, will do little things here and there to celebrate my upcoming birthday. My philosphy for celebrating birthdays is that one celebrates all month during her birthday month. Plus, I give myself something every year for my birthday. This year, since I'm on a graduate student budget, was to splurge on a great haircut and highlight job. People have stopped me on the streets, in stores and in classes to tell me how they like my hair (cut and color) and to inquire about where it was done.

My salon is:

Salon D'Marco in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
7519 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, NY
(718) 567-7000

Marco, the stylist and owner, is comfortable with deaf patrons. He has 4 deaf aunts and uncles as well as more relatives back in Sicily, Italy. He's so easy to communicate with, and everyone who I've referred (to him) have been very pleased with his work. He can really tell when you like or don't like something, and he will ask right away or do something about it. He even did a friend's wedding hairdo, and his wife came too to do my friend's make-up.

Marco is really good at making the haircut work for you and will tell you what really works for you. I like honest haircutters/artists who customize to your face/body and are honest with their suggestions and feedback. His staff are friendly and great. They care about your hair and you. Even the washing sinks are very comfortable. The chair doesnt move. The sink moves. Their shampoos and conditioners smell great. Marco will even check sometimes to make sure that the right products are used for your hair type. I also had the best eyebrow waxing and shaping job done by one of his staff. They even offer cappuccinos, espressos, real Italian wine, hot tea, coffee and water during your visit. (Yes, free.)

The bathroom is good too. It's big, nice, clean, good-smelling and you can sample products in there. Don't ask me why I mentioned the bathroom. I have a thing for judging bathrooms in places I go to. I think it reflects a lot on how clean the place really is and how considerate they are of their patrons who use the restrooms. I've been told that I should do a NYC Guide to the Best and Worst Bathrooms book.

You get more than your money's worth when you go to Salon D'Marco. I always feel beautiful and happy after paying a visit to Marco.

Back to talking about my summer break....

My goal is to tan a bit more, swim, catch up on errands and visit friends/family members during the coming weeks before I return to school on September 6. I'll begin my internship on September 12. Am excited about the Fall classes and internship. Will be interning with a great team!

What a great way to start off my relaxing summer break by being kissed by the sun and having a great haircut. Plus, I'm looking forward to the Fall semester and internship.