Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Dear Grandmother

My Dear Grandmommy Antoinette and I spoke on the phone the other night. She resides in the Jewish Home for the Elderly now. She has been there for few months now, and she is adjusting rather well, considering her dementia (Alzheimer's disease). She is more active, walking around more, eating better, and just focuses on daily living. She misses cooking, cleaning her own home, doing her own laundry, and so on. I'm sorry that she cannot really do these independently and safely any longer. She doesn't realize how much she has mentally deteriorated although her spirit and assertion is strong as ever. She refuses to become dependent on others, and she enjoys being with others or helping others. Helping others makes her very happy. It is hard to receive help after helping others for so long. Nonetheless, Alzheimer's has not taken away her spirit or faith. I admire that in her.

Grandmommy comes from Sicily and is a full-blooded Italian. I grew up living in and learning about Italian culture through her. I thank her for this and the endless stories she's shared with us over the years about our heritage and ancestors from Sicily. Someday, my aunt and I will go to see the village where we come from and find our relatives. That is a promise that I made to Grandmommy, and I intend on keeping this promise.

Here is a picture of us from last Christmas.