Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Money Trees

My brother and I reminisced the other night about how we thought and what we believed as young children.

One day, Daddy told us that we had a money tree in the backyard. Our eyes became as wide as dishes. We asked him where the money tree was. We had never seen one before. Dad set out across the yard as we followed behind him. He pointed to the money tree which stood between two azalea bushes. We looked at it with amazement. Daddy said that the seeds inside the money tree would grow more money trees.

Later, I carefully gathered the money tree seeds and planted them around the yard and in pots. I believed that if I grew many money trees, they would be big and strong with many more branches by the time Chris and I grew up. When we became adults, we'd be ready with money to gather from the adult money trees.

Oh, the things we believed in as children!