Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lovely NYC Summer Weather

Such lovely weather we've been having in NYC this summer. This heat and humidity has been reckless and endless over the past month.

I start sweating like a pig just standing outside after having just taken a COLD shower in my AC'd home and drinking 2 liters of water. And, I have barely started to walk or do anything physical. Standing in NYC is like standing in one big hot wet scorching oven.

According to, The Weather Channel's website, it is now 99 degrees and feels like 107 degrees (thanks to the humidity and other factors). My roommate, who just went out to swim at the gym, confirmed that it was one big oven outside.

It is going to heat up even further this afternoon and may finally start "cooling" down a bit around 5-6 PM. As usual, there is a "possibility of isolated thunderstorms" forecasted for tonight, just like every night for the past few weeks.

I look forward to that day when a real thunderstorm sweeps in and brings relief to the city. In the meantime, I'm sticking with drinking ice-cold water, taking frequent cold showers, laying low, beach/pool trips, and just enjoying this summer.

And, yes, I'd still rather sweat like a pig before I freeze my ass off.