Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Last Saturday Night

Last Saturday night, friends threw a small surprise party in Brooklyn. I arrived at my friend's home expecting to have dinner with just 2 friends. Another friend backed out due to family commitment.

When I arrived at the door and rang the doorbell, I was greeted with the slight peek of a blonde with blue eyes peering through the door crack. My face went blank with a puzzled look. I did a double look. She opened the door to greet me and let me in. I was pleasantly surprised to see her there. She and another friend said that she came alone and that her partner was unable to come. I was still puzzled inside but just went with the flow. Sure enough, her partner came out as a surprise. :) I was happy with everyone there.

I was told that the plan was to pretend like a stranger answering the door and not knowing who I was. I was thrown off by who the heck was answering the door and why the heck my other friend was answering the door in Brooklyn. We laughed.

We went out to a Turkish-Uzbek restaurant. On the way, a friend put a golden crown on me. It reminded me of these Burger King crowns for kids. I accepted her dare to wear the golden crown all the way to the restaurant and into the restaurant. We ordered different dishes and appetizers. Dinner was so delicious! The service was excellent. There was another birthday dinner at the adjacent table. They had a cake brought out with the usual singing. I was relieved when none was done for me at my table. Nobody has ever done this to me in a restaurant, and I still do not want it ever done in a restaurant. I do not like that kind of attention in a public setting. At home or in a private room, sure! Bring it on! :)

Later, we ended up getting attention anyway when friends pulled out these mini rocket stuff that popped and blew out long strings of colorful confetti as the bottom strings were pulled. That got everyone's attention in the restaurant. We all laughed and ignored them. Inside, I was a little mortified, but I was cool with it cuz it was fun.

When we left, the workers kept on wishing me a happy birthday. Such nice workers there. One even held the doors open for me as we walked out. Awww.

Later, we went back to a friend's place for dessert. My dear friend surprised me with an AUTHENTIC italian cheesecake from Balducci's. I was so delighted and felt like I was in heaven as soon as I smelled it and ate it. She obviously listened well over the past years whenever I talked about real Italian food and authentic Italian desserts. We all delighted in the delicious cheesecake and ended up discussing the differences between a real Italian cheesecake and other "fake" cheesecakes. They made fun of how I call some food "fake" when it isn't authentic. Talked about different things while sipping tea/coffee as well.

Ended up riding with 2 dear friends back into the city. I sure felt like a Princess for the night! And, the month of celebrating my birthday isn't even over!

I know I'm to report to an unknown location somewhere in Upper West Side at 10:00 AM sharp this Saturday. The celebration continues!