Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Insect Bite Bra

Last night, I received my first bite(s) of the summer season. I'd managed to not get bitten all summer. (Yes, I've been out and about while not in school or studying. I even study up on the roof.)

Anyways, I didn't receive just one bite. I was bitten twice! And, each was right next to each other in a perfect line. I tried to resist scratching the area, knowing that the more I scratched, the more the itch would spread due it leading to spreading the bug juice's effects inserted into the flesh upon entry to suck blood. (Our bodies are allergic to bug juices that these bugs release while drilling into our skin and preparing for sucking out blood. That's why we get raised bumps and an irresistible urge to itch. Okay, nerd lesson over. Back to story.)

I shot off this email to a fellow for his blog:

Damn you mosquitoes. I thought I'd manage to not get bitten this summer. Lo and behold! You somehow made it into my apartment last night and bit me twice in a row. These raised bumps are next to each other with your lovely entries visible to the naked eyes. Now they look like a set of mini-boobs on my wrist. Thanks!

These bug bites next to each other looked like boobs or raised nipples. I could even see where the entry bite site was right in the middle of the raised pink bump. I complained about them to my roommate today via email. She replied with this:

Should I get a bra for your bug bites as well?

Ok. I think a bra in size 5AAAA will do.