Saturday, August 13, 2005

Having a Heart Richer than your Wallet

My heart is richer than my wallet. I've always believed in that for financially-poor and rich folks alike. And, that's the way it should be, no matter how much money you've got in your wallet, your bank account, or assets. When money is taken out of the picture, we all are human beings with the same needs, wants, desires, feelings and capacity for heart richness.

Money can do funny things to people. Luxury and treating yourself is nice. And, I'd be modest about it. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best in quality or service, especially when you've earned it or been blessed with it (as a gesture of gratitude).

It's up to you what to do with your money and non-monetary blessings and riches in life. Money may come and go, yet the riches and luxuries of my heart and blessings in life are here to stay.