Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hands On Italia's Going to Ireland!

Hands On Italia
E-News August 2005
Specialty travel in Italy... by and for the DEAF

Hello! For those who will be attending the Deaf Seniors of America conference in San Francisco, please do stop by our booth so that you can learn more about our services and perhaps start planning your upcoming trip to Europe.

That's right, I said Europe and not Italy. Why? During almost every tour, our clients have remarked: "Only if there were tours like this in other countries, with direct sign language communication and small groups, led by local deaf people!"

They are right. Therefore, Hands On Italia will become Hands On Travel LLC. Our services will remain the same: quality, personalized tours with deaf guides who use direct ASL communication with the goal of providing profound appreciation of each country's rich history, art, food, and culture. The only difference is that there will be a wider choice of countries! As soon as the 2005 tour season is over, we will get to work on this transformation. As soon as the new website is ready, you wil be the first to know. For more information, check out

The first country we are expanding to is... Ireland. That's right, appreciate this fascinating country with a local deaf guide who will take you to Dublin and the fascinating West Coast between October 16-26, 2006. Check out the itineraries and pricing here:

There will also be two group tours in Italy May 1-14, 2006 and September 12-25, 2006. The itineraries and pricing can be found here:

Spaces are limited to 8 people per group and are filling up fast. So reserve your spots today with a $200 refundable deposit!

Dates in 2006 are also available for those who would prefer to opt for private customized tours. Contact us for availability at Have a great summer!

With best wishes,
Terry Giansanti