Monday, August 22, 2005

Guthrie Is Doing Something Wonderful, and He Needs Your Help!

Sri Lanka taught me a lot---a little goes very far…

Dear Sarah:

I recently returned from a month-long journey in Sri Lanka, in which I provided art therapy to the tsunami orphans who lost their parents in the disaster. I was amazed at how profoundly they were affected by a simple touch, deep embrace or a small kit of art materials.

With this in mind, I am taking the opportunity to go to Vietnam in October and visit the children whose families have been ravaged by AIDS. Someone very dear to me informed me that they contracted HIV this past spring. This person has drawn upon great inner strength and focused on sustaining positive energy that is truly inspiring to me and many others. However, this person is fortunate to have access to varied services for medical needs and other forms of assistance. In Vietnam, these resources are scarce, and those who are living with HIV/AIDS have little access to just see a doctor or afford medicines, let alone move forward with their lives.

The UN has designated Vietnam as being on the cusp of an epidemic. Right now, about 250,000 Vietnamese are infected, and in four short years, this number is expected to quadruple to 1 million. Half of them are innocent women.

You and me, we can become part of a team to help make an impact on this virus, and prevent the global epidemic from continuing in Asia.

To focus on the expanding AIDS crisis and to raise much-needed funds, I have decided to participate in Trek Asia—a challenging 10-day trek through northern Vietnam. I am asking you to support my efforts and the urgent work of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), with generous donations that will help me match my current goal of $20,000.

Not only will this help pay for more doctors to work in the Vietnamese region, this money will ensure that top-quality cocktail medicines go to the victims who need them to survive.

I am participating in Trek Asia for my dear friends and most importantly, to help those most at risk. I cannot do it alone; I need your financial and moral support. You can donate using the enclosed form or visiting amfAR’s online home for the trek—

I will be thinking of all of you when I am in Vietnam, and channeling all your energy to to stop this insidious disease.

Warmly yours,


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