Friday, July 15, 2005

Yet another beautiful Friday night....

Yet another beautiful Friday night. And, I'm blissfully enjoying time alone at home. I hope to go out dancing later tonight. It's fun to get dressed up to go out and shake booties once in a while, especially when you're shaking in a room full of hotties.

Talking online now with my brother while he packs. He's headed to the airport in 1 1/2 hours to fly East. I cannot believe I'll see him tomorrow! We'll have lunch at a Korean place and do some shopping. He is looking forward to seeing the summer sales I've been telling him about.

After he leaves for CT with a friend of his, I will head downtown to the NYU library to do some research, reading and making article copies. I've got to start working on my midterms and study for an upcoming exam. All in the life of a happy nerdy graduate student.

The professors this semester are definitely brilliant and on top of their games. The evening professor is very intimidating yet I'm in awe of her knowledge, expertise and how she facilitates the class discussion. I thrive challenges, and I definitely feel challenged in her classroom. Bring it on!

It's been a good summer. Although I've been stressed with schoolwork every now and then (yet thrive on the stress), I'm happier than ever before. Happier than I can remember in such a long time. I guess that's one of the beauties of getting older and learning things in life. There is so much to love in life, and life has so much to offer. I love how we have endless choices, possibilities and paths in life. Life's beautiful.

I look forward to going to the beaches more often during August after the semester is over (in 4 weeks, imagine!) If Hurricane X hasn't hit Florida already by August, I might consider heading down to Florida to visit friends and hopefully swim with dolphins (one of my life goals). August is also a month to celebrate my birthday. I believe in month-long celebrations! :)

Am going up to the roof to watch the sunset.