Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Wonderful Night to Savor!

Rinconcito Peruano Restaurant
803 9th Ave,
Btwn 53rd & 54th St

Went there last night with 2 dear friends. It looked like a hole-in-the-wall family style restaurant. I wanted to go in and eat anyway because these kind of places are usually authentic with great services and food. Sure enough, the place was great. It quickly filled up with a mix of Peruvian and American diners alike.

It all started with my friends paging me saying they were on their way back to NYC from upstate. They wanted to know if they could swing by and go out to dinner on 9th Ave. Naturally, I said yes!

Picked out an authentic Peruvian place. It was so good. We were happy with everything we ordered.

Afterwards, my friend claimed that he was so stuffed that he felt like walking more than 20 blocks. We giggled and said sure. We set off for Columbus Circle nearby then back home for "a little exercise." While on 57th Avenue, we passed a florist shop and did few double-looks. Sure enough, we ran into a colleague and her acquaintance. We laughed about how we did double looks at each other then finally realized it really was us all together on 57th St. Chatted for a while. Later, we went into the Time Warner building in search of a bathroom. All were closed off. So, we headed back home.

On the way home, we stopped by Dippin Dot, this ice cream place we never saw or tried before. I had seen a documentary about it on TV and had never seen it anywhere before. We sampled few flavors before placing our orders. They got vanilla with some mint chocolate while I settled on cookies and cream with Oreo and a small scoop of vanilla. See, Dippin Dot serves real ice cream. The twist is that their ice cream come in small ball pellets instead of being scooped from a gallon. A different concept. A fun way to eat ice cream.

Going out and having a good adventurous night was a good way to unwind and just enjoy good company with friends.