Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Modern Forest Gump

This man reminds me of Forest Gump.... I'd like to see him when he arrives in NYC. I admire him for his resolution and creative way to lose weight. Definitely a good time to meditate and figure things out in life while walking. He definitely took action for himself.


Man Treks Across Country to Lose Weight


A California man has embarked on what he hopes will be a life-changing journey across the country -- on foot.

Steve Vaught, 39, is walking from his hometown outside San Diego to New York City, almost 3,000 miles away.

Vaught is 400 pounds. A husband and father of two, the former Marine wants to lose weight and regain his life. He also wants to restore the confidence he lost after a long bout of depression.

"It's an extreme way to do it," Vaught said. "But being fat is extreme."

Vaught said he was between jobs, living at his mother-in-law's and convinced he would die at age 50 when he decided to change his course.

He began walking on April 10. Along the road, he's made friends and received encouragement.

He is averaging 15 miles a night, or a day, depending on when he walks. Because money is tight, he's camping out under bridges and along roads.

Recently, he had made it as far as the Arizona desert, more than 400 miles from home.

"You can't look way out there," he said about the horizon. "You'll get discouraged."