Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Day Trip to Connecticut

Went up to Connecticut on a day trip. It all started with me sleeping through my alarm for half a hour. When I finally woke up to look at the time, I was confused about what time my friend was picking me up. 8 AM? or, was it 9 AM? Eeks! Whew, 9 AM! Emailed my friend who was still driving (whew) and hurried to shower and get dressed for the day.

We headed straight to my aunt's cemetary for a memorial service. It was nice and sweet. When we entered the cemetary, there was such a huge flock of geese all over throughout the grounds. You could look out towards the water (Long Island Sound) in between the trees between the beach and the cemetary. My aunt's childhood friends, called the "Jolly Bowlers" (don't ask me why) came and locked elbows during the service. It was cool to see this and meet the "jolly bowlers" I grew up hearing about but never met. We celebrated my aunt's memory and reminisced. I sure miss my aunt. Yet I know she'd want us to celebrate. Afterwards, we headed out to eat at the Rainbow Gardens where our aunt used to always take the family out for Easter, celebration and graduation dinners. It was such a befitting place for the family to gather for our first meal there after her passing.

After a delicious meal, my brother and I headed out to shop. It's such a great time to buy things on sale. Got few shirts for myself, few adorable outfits for Sabine (couldn't resist, Julie!!!), and two tops for a friend. I knew she'd like them and how well they'd fit on her. Figured I'd get them for her. I love buying gifts for friends when I see something I know they'd like or appreciate.

After shopping, we all headed down to my parents' house. More relatives were there, and we just chatted away the afternoon. It was great to see cousins I hadn't seen in years. My aunt and uncle were there, and we spent time together. The next time we'll meet will be when I visit them in Scottsdale, Arizona at their new home. They recently retired and returned to the United States after working overseas for 20-something years. My cousins, brother and I exchanged emails and agreed to meet in NYC. The elders discussed their usual topics.

My brother, friend and I decided to visit Grandmommy at her nursing home. It was wonderful to see her! I love seeing her smile and being happy. She introduced me to a deaf resident, Harry. Harry and I ended up chatting for few hours. Turns out he attended Lexington School for the Deaf when it used to be in Manhattan. He shared a lot of history about deaf schools back in his days and what kind of services were available for deaf people in NYC. Harry's 92 or 94 years old! And, his mind is quite clear. His body just doesn't keep up with his mind. His own mother lived at the very same nursing home and passed away there at the age of 104. Harry felt funny yet comforted by the fact that he entered a familiar home where his mother once resided. He also asked about my grandmother. I explained to him why she was there (Alzheimer's) and what certain gestures and homemade signs of hers meant. He was pleased to know what my grandmother had been saying all long with him. Harry asked me about specific people and synagogues in NYC. He wanted to know who was still alive, how certain people were doing, how NYSD and Tanya Towers were doing and so on. Harry's such a pleasure to talk with. I promised Harry that I'd visit him the next time I was in CT.

On our way out to NYC, I decided to swing by my dear friend's mother's house nearby. Ended up that her sister, partner and fellow friend were gathered there. We ended up chatting and laughing all night long around the dining room table! Got home late in NYC at 12:30 AM.

What a day trip to Connecticut!