Sunday, June 26, 2005

Urban vs. Burbs Environment

The longer I live in NYC, the more I prefer to stay in an urban environment. It's harder and harder for me to imagine living outside of the city or outskirts. While it's nice to escape to the 'burbs once in a while, I cannot stand staying in the 'burbs for too long. See, whenever I'm in the 'burbs for too long, it feels as if my life starts to go on a hold and that I may be dying from understimulation. Things are just too quiet and bland for me. A longing inside me builds up, itching to hurry up and return back into the city. Only when I am back into the city do I truly feel like I'm back home.

The 'burbs can be beautiful and quiet with nice people. Yet, it's too quiet, boring and dead for me. Beautiful and quiet? So what? It may be nice for some families and people who like the quiet. Some feel like they have a sense of community there and serenity. Me, I find a sense of community and serenity here in the city in midst of all the "noises" and bustle. I know how to find serenity and community in the urban environment.

The burbs are like sedatives. They put me to sleep. The lull is just too sedating for me. I need and thrive on stimulation. THe same goes for some singles and families. I think the city can be a great place for children to grow up in.

Perhaps my childhood experience, exposure and proximity to NYC had an effect on my connection with NYC. When I was a little kid, Hands On was established. I watched interpreted plays. I was an early patron of Hands On and interpreted plays on Broadway, Off-Broadway and at the Paper Mill Playhouse. I grew up going into the city on school field trips as well as family and friends trips. NYC was practically next doors. When I moved here, I felt like I finally came home.