Monday, June 06, 2005

Summer's Here!

I'm in the throes of an orgasm about summer truly being here. Pah!

I LOVE the heat and the sun. I've been slowing toasting myself at least once a week in the sun at a beach. Last weekend, I toasted myself at Savin Beach in West Haven. The weekend before, it was at Riis beach. This week or weekend, I hope to go to either Riis Beach or the Jersey shores. I made a promise to myself this year that I'd truly appreciate and make the most out of this summer and warmth. Last year, I was indoors too much reading and studying and doing endless commitment-related stuff. This year, it's all about me and LIFE and friends.

On Friday, I went out dancing at Escuelita and enjoyed plenty of eye candies there. There's nothing like hot lesbian latinas to dance with! Mmm! I was surprised at how much I danced and how I didn't want to leave. They had good lights, good music beats I could follow and not to mention a good full house.

On Saturday, it was off to CT I went. After taking care of few things quickly at my parents' house, I headed over to the Velez house. I LOVE the Velez girls. No matter how long it's been in between each time we've gotten together or talked online, it's as if we just talked or got together yesterday. We chatted all night, so I ended up staying overnight at my parents'.

On Sunday, I stopped by few stores on my way to the beach to meet the Velez girls. I couldn't resist buying Sabine 2 outfits, gifts from my heart to her and her family. I SO look forward to meeting Sabine and her parents. It'll be my first time seeing Julie and Shane as parents. Time sure flew since Julie and I first met as kids at a deaf camp. Anyways, back to talking about CT! I met the ladies at the beach. It was easy to find them while scanning because they were the only signing circle on the whole beach. We just chatted for a while then headed to Ivy and Kim's home to chat more. When they sat down for dinner, I left to head home. Dad dropped me off at the train station.

Today, I woke up and looked at my arms. Although I had a pair of long capri pants and a short-sleeved shirt on yesterday at the beach, I still got some color on my arms, face and feet. Admired the light tan. There is more tanning and toasting in the sun to come.

The summer is just beginning! :)