Sunday, June 12, 2005

Relay Operators

Relay Operators can be quite amazing. Sometimes, they're great in terms of common sense while calling to place an order for delivery. Others just don't let you know that the order was successfully placed and state "Person hung up. RO # ga or sk?" So, I have to ask if the order was successfully placed. Sometimes, they say that the person hung up. I'm like, "Well, was the order successfully placed before the person hung up?" "Yes. RO # ga or sk?" Others are friendly and let me know that it was placed. Talk about communication.

The other day, I was thrown off when I asked the RO to wait while I type the order first before dialing. While typing out the order (which I was not finished with), the RO went ahead and said (won't they ask for ur address and ph nbr and what nots?) I did a double look to see if I actually saw what I just read. I paused, clicked the "Enter" bar few times then stated (Yes, they will. I planned on including that info after typing the order naturally. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and consideration in making sure I place a complete order for delivery.) I was flabbergasted. Give me a chance to finish typing and the benefit of doubt that I'd eventually give my address and phone number for the delivery! I told my roommate, and we laughed over this.

RO agents can be amazing sometimes. I don't know if I'd rather deal with this kind of RO or the dumb ones who don't communicate well or are very passive in doing their job as RO agents. Mmm... Which would you prefer if you had to choose the lesser of the worst types of RO agents?