Sunday, June 26, 2005

Purple Food

I'm trying to get started on focusing on my final paper due this Tuesday. I'm the queen of procrasination when it comes to writing papers since my mind becomes sharper and clearer when there is a time pressure or deadline. Before then, I'm just free-floating and finding other things to do.

I decided not to go to the Pride Parade this afternoon. First of all, I woke up late, more than a hour after I said I'd be at a specific corner to watch the parade. Second, I missed the sections I wanted to see. I wasn't willing to go into the village to see these sections of the parade, squashed in between topless sweaty muscle men trying to catch a view. Third, everyone kept on paging/emailing me telling me how hot and humid it was outside. By the time I was out of the shower and all dressed up, I decided I was too comfortable at home in front of the AC sipping water. So, I never made it out. :) I may make it out later tonight when it's cooler to meet few people. Otherwise, I'm staying put at home and will try to do some readings for my papers.

Now, on to the topic of this entry: purple food. My roommate and I originally planned on having an informal gathering at our place after the parade for folks to stop by and kick back in an air-conditioned room. We joked about providing rainbow-colored food or at least food from each color of the rainbow. We figured out what we could serve... red, orange, yellow, green, blue... then.. mmm... purple??? The only purple food we could think of were that blue/purple potato chip and purple kool aid. I didn't want anything that had to have food dye added to it. I wanted something that was naturally purple besides eggplant. Mmmm... mmm.... mm. m. Plum? Purple cabbage?

We couldn't figure out what would be a yummy natural purple appetizer without adding food dye to it. I looked online for ideas. Googled it, actually. Was surprised that most results were articles on how people tend to not be appealed by purple-colored food!!! And they tend to find purple-colored food aversive! Interesting! The rest were eggplants and stuff u could add purple food dye to (one was for a purple egg salad - yuck!!!!!)

I might as well just serve purple kool aid or just stick a purple flower in a vase in the middle of the food spread.