Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nerd Moment

And, I mean that in a positive way when I say 'nerd moment.'

Was briefly watching a documentary about animals who help each other. As I made a quick glance toward the TV screen while making reservations online, I immediately looked back. Tarantula!!!!!

I'm terrified of tarantulas and spiders in general! I was riveted because I wanted to know what kind of creature would be helpful to tarantulas. Me curious!

The narrator described how big these hairy spiders could get, as big as dinner plates. *eeeeeeeeeks! so glad I don't live in South America or Africa!!!* These larger species eat birds, snakes and rodents. A scene of the tarantula attacking and sinking its "half-inch long fangs" into a snake, paralyzing it and inserting venom before devouring it was shown.

*zooming into a dirty tunnel*

*closes up to reveal a frog*

Frogs help tarantulas!!! How? They sit by the large spun ball (with eggs inside) eating any insects that come near the egg. They protect and guard these tarantula eggs. Plus, the tarantula's homes provide a safe moist refuge from the heat of the day outside. Whenever the tarantula comes home, it simply crawls over the frog and allows the frog to keep on sitting there underneath its abdomen. In turn, the tarantula protects the frogs from any predators. Eeeks! But, I'm glad that such beneficial relationship exists in nature.