Friday, June 24, 2005

Emma the Explorer

Emma the Explorer is on a prowl today. Seems that it's possible that her adventure with the flying red cockroach as ignited some intense curiousity in tasting and chewing different things. The last time she was in this kind of frenzy or at this super-intense level of curiousity was when she was a kitten.

When I looked away from the laptop, she was revisiting that plastic pad wrap that somehow ended up on the living room floor. It's clean, mind you.

Cats and dogs are notorious for LOVING pads and toilet paper. I've trained Emma to not attack any pads, used or unused. She now waits patiently with intense interest as I unpeel/unwrap a fresh clean pad and plays with passion when I hand her the peeled off paper. Must be some kind of catnip-like substance in these stuff. Animals go bonkers for pads. Omigosh. Been dealing with this since I was a lil' kid and joke about it with other cat/dog owners.

Cats can be better than dogs when it comes to used pads in the bathroom trash can. Dogs usually just go for it and make a huge mess across the floor. Or, tear apart a brand new store-bought unopened bag/box of pads/tampons and decorate the bedroom floor with sanitary confetti. Emma used to do that sometimes. I know better to not torture her (I only imagine it's a torture to resist something that's fun and appealing to them) and just put it away in a drawer immediately, out of sight and scent. More importantly, it's inaccessible.

Emma's in a chewing mood. That flying cockroach must have made her super interested in everything flying and stationary as well as tasting different stuff. Now she's following a fly in the air after trying to lick/chew my school paper sprawled across the couch (for working on my final papers). She just chewed on the corner of my final paper instruction sheet.

She's been chewing and tasting papers, books, boxes, etc. I finally said to her "Stop" in a very calm firm voice. After she stopped and stared at me for a while, I petted her and hugged her. She rubbed me and gave me a look. Now, she's sitting on the couch armrest staring at things with her ears in constant motion. She must be hearing something. Wonder if the cockroaches are dancing behind the walls.