Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Donut Burgers & Hamdogs

Unfortunately, I had the comedic misfortune of seeing a chef, Chandler, on The Jay Leno Show demonstrate how to make two popular dishes from his Georgian restaurant which happened to be down the street from a PGA golf course.. And, I laughed at this misfortune during a break from working on my final paper due tomorrow.

That man, Jay Leno, is a funny man. He had Chandler come from Georgia to make two specific heart-clogging dishes on air:

(1)Bacon Cheeseburgers with Krispy Kreme Donuts;
2) Hamdogs.

I was distracted enough from my paper to watch with my jaw dropped as Chandler sliced the donut through the middle like slicing a roll. He grilled both sides of the donut before using it as hamburger buns for the bacon cheeseburger. Jay Leno took a bite out of this Donut Bacon Cheeseburger sandwich. Donut icing glazed his lips as he chewed.

As for the Hamdog, Chandler made it like rolling sushi. He flattened the ground beef on a wax sheet, pressed a fat hot dog at the end of the beef spread then used the wax paper to roll up the hot dog. The hot dog was inside the hamburger meat, looking like hot dogs encased in bread. Chandler proceeded to *deep fry* this Hamdog! He said he sold these with a side for $9! When the hamdog was done frying, he loaded the hamdog on a sliced hoagie and topped it with chili, bacon, grilled onions, and one fried egg! Just when I thought the chili was the main topping, another topping was put atop. One topping after another, ending with that egg! Such a heart attack waiting to happen. Jay asked how he could eat it - "with a pitchfork?"