Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cat & Dog Fixations - Why??

WARNING: If you are eating or have a weak stomach, do not read.

Why do cats and dogs have certain fixations? Ever notice that they tend to like smelling things that us human beings would be too repulsed to smell. Dogs go sniff crotches, butts, et al. Both cats and dogs have a thing for toilet paper, sanitary napkins and tampons (used and unused). My cat, fortunately, has been trained to not go into the bathroom trash can anymore. Instead, she waits patiently for me to give her that peel-off paper from the pad to pay with. Then, I watch her go bonkers. *shaking head* Better that peel-off paper than the pad itself, used or unused. Once in a while, my cat relapses and attacks a brand new bag of pads if I forget to put it away soon enough. Before I know it, I come into my bedroom and find pads all over the floor with teeth marks and holes. Argh! In between these periodic relapses, peel-off papers suffice for her crazy frenzy moments. It stops other undesirable behaviors. Are pads like cat/dog weed?

The other day, a friend's dog picked up something and brought it back into the house. When my friend noticed that the dog had something in its mouth, the dog went *phew,* spitting out its mouth's content: a piece of bread! In the past, the dog has brought home bone, pizza, and more! My dog, when she lived with me in the dorm for a short time, had a reputation for stealing pizza crusts from other people's rooms and hiding them in my room. My roommate and I had a field day finding these pizza crusts. Were these dogs trying to set up a delivery service or street cleaning business?

More cat & dog fixation entries may be posted in the future... TBC