Thursday, June 23, 2005

Cannot Believe It....

I just cannot believe it! I'm still laughing on and off about this. I thought all along that a final paper was due today. I was stressed out about it and had been working on it extensively. The professor said I could email him the paper.

Today, during class, I was puzzled as to why students weren't handing in papers before or after class. In addition to that, the professor requested that students not email him their papers due to running out of the ink needed for printing these papers. Each person's paper is expected to be 8-10 pages long. Multiply that by... say... eh... around 20 students. That's up to 200 pages.

After class, I approached the professor to ask him when and how I could hand in the paper since he asked the students to not email him the papers. Turned out that it was actually due next Tuesday. An expletive word went off in my head as I grinned (and felt relieved yet a bit funny) about this. During my way home, I checked my notes, sked book and dates on the handouts.. They all said due 6/23.

I think this is comedic. Such a big relief and small groan at the same time for me.