Monday, June 20, 2005

A Beautiful Wedding

Not long ago, I went to one of the most beautiful weddings I've been to in my life. What made this beautiful was how true my friend and her husband were to each other. Their personalities were reflected throughout the entire planning, wedding and celebration. We had such fun during our "Bachelorette" celebration before the wedding. I reveled in how pampered she was like a queen, a beautiful woman inside and outside. I delighted in learning more about her, Orthodox Judaism (customs, culture and religion) and discovering more beautiful things about her, her fiance and them together. Melted my heart and soul.

My friend was SO beautiful in her wedding dress, veil, tiara, flowers, make up, boutique and jewels. She looked like such a princess, walking around and waiting for her husband to walk around her during an Orthodox Jewish custom then being brought before the congregation to walk down the aisle to meet her husband under the chuppah. The temple was beautifully decorated with flowers and full of love. I watched her as she walked around her man, followed by women before she met her husband face to face under the chuppah.

We had such a great time celebrating afterwards with dancing, food and company at the temple then later at a private reception. I even got pulled into the circle dance, doing these steps around the bride and groom. I kept on looking at my friend, smiling as I watched her in her happiness and her celebration on her special day. She and her husband are beautiful together and complement each other so well. The memories of my dear friend's wedding day and the days leading up to the wedding day are forever etched in my memory, in my mind and my heart.

Mazel Tov! :)