Thursday, May 12, 2005

Slumbering Lullaby

A friend asked me to come up with a lullaby online. I couldn't think of any other than those silly patriotic songs we had to sing-sign at Lake Drive School for the Deaf as kids. (I even have pics of us little deafies fake mouthing and signing songs in 'music' class.) Anyways, the only songs that came to mind beside patriotic songs were "Lean On Me" and a song by John Bon Jovi.

So, I just made one up, keeping in mind that my friend loves nature.

Here it goes:



lying back in the grass
with grass strands
dancing in the wind
as the breeze frolicks and races through the reeds
sun smiling through the dancing leaves
as you look up
the trees smiling
dancing and shaking their leaves and flowers
flirting and playing with you
as you lie below in the grass
your feet bare
tickled by the grass and the bees buzzing around
butterflies flying overhead
zig zagging
riding the breeze
as your head turns left
and rests on the grass pillow
you look up on the sky and see the cottony clouds moving
making music in the clear blue sky
following the moving clouds across
turning ur head from the pillowy grass back up to seeing the sun smiling on you
as the clouds go through the cracks of the leaves
of the trees smiling down on you
as your head turns right back to the grass pillow
lullabying you to sweet slumber

may the sun kiss you good nite
and the moon keep you safe
as you slumber