Sunday, May 29, 2005

Awww, Grandmommy!

Awww, Grandmommy! I love her!

Finally got ahold of her on the phone. I tried to figure out when I could catch her while she was in her room. See, Grandmommy now lives at an assisted living facility for older adults. She has Alzheimers. She is on a floor designated for high-functioning Alzheimer residents.

Grandmommy is making friends - "a little at a time. Most people are friendly."

She says the workers are "wonderful!"

Grandmommy is now busy all day from breakfast until night with different activities. She laughed and smiled a lot while talking on the phone. She said that she leaves her room every morning after breakfast (which is downstairs in a hotel-like dining room). During the day, Grandmommy does whatever activity is offered to her. They offer many classes and activities, including sewing and art. Grandmommy said that doesn't do much art, so she won't join. She will definitely join the sewing class because they make clothes for little children. Awww! That's something she'd like to do and SO Grandmommy. She likes to do things that are giving and considerate for others. Grandmommy might even try to get back into knitting which she hasn't done for many years. She's also open to learning new handicrafts she doesn't know. She's determined to learn. Well, my Grandmommy sure likes to stay active. It's good for her to be as busy as possible because it helps keep her brain active, considering her Alzheimer.

After dinner, Grandmommy returns to her room sometimes. Sometimes Grandmommy does something at night. Tonight, there was a Bingo game after dinner. Grandmommy does whatever is offered to her and decides right then and there if she'd like to participate.

Tonight, Grandmommy decided to return to her room earlier. It was great because as soon as she entered the room, the phone rang. I was on the other end. And, I was so thrilled to finally get ahold of her.

Since Grandmommy moved into her new home, she's had this wonderful companion. He's easy to understand and talk with. He even comes from my parents' hometown! He helps her find new things to do on her own as well as navigate her way around the huge place. It seriously looks like a hotel in some ways or a resort. She will eventually be on her own hopefully within the next few weeks.

Another thing about Grandmommy is her love. She's always been loving and giving as a woman for as long as I've known her (which obviously means since I was a baby). All my life, she's always shared and shown love, consideration, kindness, empathy, quest to find good in everyone, and so on. Grandmommy often tells me about how she knew I'd be okay after I became deaf (as a baby). She says, "I told myself that I knew that girl was going to be somebody, deaf or not. She has a strong spirit, a sense of patience, a way of understanding people and a strong determination to learn and explore." She always tell me that she knows I will be very successful at what I do, reach all goals I work for because I am a "very smart girl, determined." She knows I'll do it and make it.

Awww, Grandmommy!