Monday, April 18, 2005

With Sincerest Apologies

Yesterday, Kate opened the door on her way out. She stopped in her tracks as she saw a big pot of flowers and a card. I happened to be in the hallway seeing her off after chatting as she walked down the hallway to the door.

My heart melted, and I immediately aaawed. We were pleasantly surprised. The envelope was addressed "To Apt. 4-E With Sincerest Apologies."

Inside, the card cover was a peace card. It contained illustrations for the following:

- illumination (candle)
- humanity (long leaf)
- courage (rooster)
- wisdom (book)
- evidence of good faith (glove/hand)
- hope (flowers and berries)
- peace (dove with an olive branch in its beak)

Inisde the card itself was this message:

Dear Neighbors-

Please accept these flowers and this note as an apology and assurance that we will do our absolute best to not disturb you in the future. We gravely apologize for the past and want a good relationship with our neighbors. If there is anything else we can do to make this up to you - please do not hesitate to ask.

Your neighbor at 5R

Aww! We agreed to invite them over for appetizers and drinks. It's a matter of when to go up and personally ask them over.