Friday, April 29, 2005

New Home

Grandmommy lives in a new home: Jewish Home for the Elderly. She has lived there for nearly 2 weeks now, and she is adjusting quite well. She's already joined few classes/activities: cooking, arts & craft, exercise, et al. She's even joking about becoming Jewish after participating in her first Pesach services and celebration. (Pesach - Passover). Every time I see my grandmother or talk with her on the phone, she keeps on telling me that she really liked Jewish people and how nice the people were at her new home. It's a really nice place. It doesn't have a nursing home feeling to it. In fact, it's almost like a hotel. Grandmommy has a companion (volunteer) who visits her nearly every day to help with the transition to living in a new environment. People with Alzheimers have greater difficulty handling changes in routines. The new place has been very respectful of her independence, choices and the routine she's used to. They're very accomodating. Grandmommy has adjusted quite well to the slightly different yet consistent daily structure and schedule. I feel good knowing that she's adjusting to a new place, a new place that everyone in my family likes. The workers are friendly. The social worker checks in with my parents on a regular basis as well as gives updates on how Grandmommy is doing. I call Grandmommy at least every 2 days. I'm happy to have shorter and shorter phone calls with her because she has an activity to go to or someone visiting her. Shows she's being more productive again. She doesn't need to deal with the stress of going to doctors' offices, remembering to take her medicine, throwing out her medicine, buying groceries (which she often forgot or would throw out or consume in one sitting and forget she already ate), et al. All of her basic needs are taken care of. All she needs to do is focus on grooming herself, dressing herself and participating in daily activities and community meals. Nice peace of mind.